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The Successful and Unsuccessful Factors of Aesop

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Essay Preview: The Successful and Unsuccessful Factors of Aesop

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The successful and unsuccessful factors of Aesop: (Core competence)

  • The philosophy of unselling
  • No advertise, but the moral compass that’s searching for the right soul to serve.
  • While each Aesop store is unique all over the world, the experience of the brand is consistent - it’s the way how each person feels about Aesop:
  • Shop in different location throughout the world adds the scent of local symbolic clues, or has the incense lit for nurturing the intelligent yet sophisticated culture.
  • Plant-based and laboratory made ingredients that are safe, effective and a pleasure to use.
  • The encapsulated bundle of ambience within the shop that does not just sell skincare’s, but the way of life ( talks about health, diet)
  • Humble yet efficacious offering, no exaggerated stimuli (eternal) and a moral product that does not call for values that are ambiguous ( white skin)

Store Concept:

Aesop’s medicinal-style brown bottles with one color label follows through to their marketing material as well as their minimalist, chic interiors of their stores.

Examples of Aesop Stores around Asia:



Aesop Sapporo, spanning a modest 48.6 sq m, the Stellar Place store interior channels both Sapporo city and the broader Hokkaido Prefecture's benign, poetic landscape – from white birch forests to fog-washed mountains, silhouetted above the city itself.

It's a wilfully lofty – and perhaps sentimental – remit, keenly realised by Koichi Futatusmata and Ritsu Shibata of the Fukuoka-based design firm Case-Real (with lighting design by Branch's Tatsuki Nakamura). Striving for an aura simultaneously 'dynamic but somehow fragile, with a sense of roughness but also delicate', the duo harnessed Sapporo freestone as the space's key material. An easily-mined and lightweight volcanic tuff, freestone has been used as a public building material in Hokkaido for over a century; in its smooth and roughly unrefined forms (both are utilised here), the rock is simultaneously practical and highly evocative of its regional environs. The light grey expanse is offset with shelves and fixtures in vibration finish stainless steel, together creating a muted, refined space that screams gallery more than concession. That the products themselves – here reconstituted as 'man-made artifacts co-existing with the harsh side of nature' – remain a focus is testament to Aesop's ever-ascendent identity.



Taipei was the chosen place for the opening of the new store. Despite the majority of the store design projects are offered to invited architects or designers, this particular shop, located in the Breeze Center, was completely and personally created by the aesop’s design team. The environment is marked white as its predominant color, which calms our minds and involves us in serenity.



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