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Twilight Essay

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Day one

It's the first day I have ever seen my brother, Edward like this; he is acting as if the world is going to end if he doesn't save this girl, Bella from all of her own wrecks. He doesn't understand that this is not right for him since she is not of our kind. He tells me that there is no one in the world like her, but not to worry that nothing is going to happen between him and her, but I know that he is lying to me. He is telling me all these lies just for I could leave him alone. I hate that I can't be like him and hear others thoughts.

Day two

Bella is ruining our lives, my dad always tells me that nothing is going to happen but he doesn't understand what I am thinking. Well let me explain to you what happened and why I feel this way. Today it was very wet outside and Bella was being herself very oblivious to her surroundings as this car came out of control toward her, but my brother had to save her as he says. But that is not why I am mad I am mad because as he saved her he showed his supernatural senses by running at his full speed and using the force he has to push the car away. This got me so mad because he got her suspicious about him and how he could do that. And once he figures it out she might tell everyone we are vampires. But it doesn't stop there I am mad that if my brother and her do fall for each other she is going to have a horrendous life with us vampires and bringing in even more complications to our lives.

Day three

What I said actually came true unfortunately! Edward and Bella fell for each other and still no one understands what I am going thru. My brother tells me that she is the only person in his entire life that he can't read the mind of and she is so different from the others that there is no way he could live without her.

Day four

More and more days pass as they are falling deeper and deeper for each other and that's not the worst she found out about us and who we are but she said she didn't care that she loves my brother so much and she knows we he would ever hurt her with his incredible force.

Day five

Today was a nightmare just because of this bella girl. My brother took her to one of our baseball games and everything was going good until another group of vampires came and smelled bellas blood and all hell broke loose from there. We are now on the run from them and trying to keep bella safe, which was not part of my plan. She now realizes that she does complicate our life tremendasly. We just dropped off bella at her house to collect her clothing but she got in a huge fight with her father telling him the same thing that her mother told her when she left him since he doesn't know that we are vampires. I have never seen a father so devastated



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