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Utopia Case Study

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As humans, we pursue a perpetual quest to develop a sense of flawlessness in society, what is in essence a utopia. Such progress however, is deterred by an "incapability" to act as a unified whole. As defined by Merriam Webster, a utopia is a place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions, in which the squalid characteristics portrayed in mankind, ravenousness, envy, etc, are not present to repeal whatever changes have been brought upon by society. Though theoretically remote from our present state of existence, providing that a utopia is plausible, is one necessarily the solution to such flaws of mankind? A more stereotypical utopia, portrayed as a gathering of the virtues of mankind, the holy land, freedom, unity, etc, is evident in the excerpts of "Jerusalem" and the various anthems of countries. Such amalgamations of virtues serve as a stepping stone to a foundation, if not the presence, of a utopia. However, is such a utopia a coordinated universal effort, or parochial only to a designated nation? "Jerusalem" states a conviction of the Holy Land to be established in England, United States and English national anthems deem utopias to be designated to said countries, stating the triumph and surmounting of rival countries as in "Scatter her enemies, and make them fall."; such anthems palpably stimulate a one-to-rule-all notion. Though beneficial to the countries with present utopias, as shown in past histories though, such utopias serve as a precedent of conflict between nations, the Crusades to retain the Holy Land, and the invasions of Ghana to control its salt and gold trades; history has replayed itself consequently of such conflicts to retain a utopia. An exclusive state is seemingly endowed upon utopias being in that a minority of nations may achieve such perfection in its being. Rather than as a whole of the world, utopian societies will be only established in the most prolific of nations, alleviation to only a strictly constrained scope of problems, warfare, equality, etc. to an individual nation. As a result, rival nations will aspire for the downfall of a utopian society, whether it is from fear or the zeal of the inability to achieve one. Such a utopia is not as it may seem if an immorality of humans to conquer other, rather than achieving a just and peaceful society, is a constant to their state of being. What if a utopia were achieved without detrimental effects, not with one to rule all notions, but the balance of equality throughout mankind? "Harrison Bergeron" presents such a situation in which the mental and physical abilities of all individuals are balanced with no advantages among them; this "utopia" is based on the deficiency of individuals to contrast popular belief. A utopia however, would still be present in that everyone has corresponding ideas and morals, though not naturally, but hampered through the handicaps of the government. In order to achieve perfection, uniformity in ideas and abilities must be achieved. If no one can differ from the common idea or differentiate right from wrong, then that common idea, whether it is government's function or the use of society, will continue to stay. A child raised in the shadow of communism, affected by propaganda



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