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What Is Wrong with Our Love? - Father and Son Case Study

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Essay Preview: What Is Wrong with Our Love? - Father and Son Case Study

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What is wrong with our love? Normally when people make mistakes or get misunderstands between each other, they always can forgive each other in the end, may be because of time, and may be because of love, although they have already had big estrangements. However, there are something happen to Victor, Arnold (Victor's father), and Tomas make their relationship cleft, although one certain thing is that those emotional ups and downs are exactly derived from their own love and transmit the greatness of forgiveness.

The love between Victor and Arnold gets changing during he growing up. When the film starts, we see a big fire happens. Victor's father came out with two babies, Victor and Tomas. Obviously he saved their lives from the fire and he becomes a hero to everyone. However, the truth is he actually started the fire because of drunk, we know it by a woman called Suzie who stays with him before he died. During the whole process of Victor's growth, Arnold keeps drinking everyday. Victor cannot accept this fact that Arnold is not a hero as he thought. Finally Arnold leaves him and his mother. Probably from that time, Victor becomes hard to get on well with people around him. He rejects all the people who give him love, because he does not want and he cannot trust any other people any more. Although Arnold's drinking is because he cannot face to that big mistake that he made many years ago. Sadly, Arnold died in the end of movie. In that frowzy motor home, Victor found a picture of his family in Arnold's wallet, and then he realizes Arnold loves his family deeply all the time, never ever change. He cuts his hair and chooses to forgive Arnold's unrevealed love. He starts to accept other people around him and learn how to response their loves and. He even shares the bone ash with Tomas. We can completely feel the power of love's forgiveness is strong enough to change everything that is hard to change.

Victor and Tomas's relationship make me confused in this movie, because although they are supposed to get on well with each other all the time, they are not; however, to I'm pleased that their relationship turns to very harmonious after they experienced many things together. Probably because of their totally different characters: Victor is acerb but inner fragile, hubris thus diffusible; however Tomas and Victor almost have instead of characters, because he is friendly but has a strong mind on something he chooses to do, warm thus easygoing. Another possibility is Victor's father. Tomas reveres Arnold as a hero and idol because he saves Tomas's life when he was a baby, therefore, he always cannot help mentioning about Victor's father. Nevertheless, as we know, Victor's father is always a scar of Victor's heart and he really hates other people talk about it. Naturally, communication becomes more and more difficult for them, at least for Victor. However, nothing is changeless.



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