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When People Succeed, It Is Because of Hard Work. Luck Has Nothing to Do with Success."

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Essay Preview: When People Succeed, It Is Because of Hard Work. Luck Has Nothing to Do with Success."

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What is success? It is still not at all clear what success really is. Success to a pool man is to earn much more money, to a student is to score a high grade. It seems to mean widely different things to different people. However, I could get one thing, hard work plays a main role in success, because they not only spend time on study, occupation, but pay all their spirit doing something as well. So, Can work hard means success? No, I believe that there are many factors also causing success, including luck.

Lack of luck success would not be happened. Luck means someone has an opportunity to be successful. Most women in Middle East have been forced on looking after their families, cleaning, and working at home, they cannot obtain a basic education. When they start to extend their families, they cannot educate their children. How they can improve their live standard in next generation? Moreover, Women's rights have not been luckily protected by the policies and laws, like clear sanction against violence, against sexual harassment, etc. If they are lucky, could not be born in these unfair countries and attend school. They would be educated in safe places and also be changed in their life.

Lack of aim and without concentrating on aim is hard to be successful. Joseph Ma was one of my best friends, because he lost his job and broke up with his girlfriend, he was hurt seriously and then unfortunately had a depression, finally he decided to end his life and suffering. When some persons, obviously, never believe that they can do better in the future ever, they just live in pain and cannot solve their own problems. How can ever these persons trust that they have ability to change their life and be various? In the same way, Even if someone plans to be different like a pool man, but he has not any action for his plan such as looking for financial support, setting a time limit. Consequently, he both misses his target and losses his confidence again. So don't let yourself doing something ineffectively, if you expect that u can success

To be a success, It not only depends on hard work, but also other factors should be considered like completed targets and luck. However, even luck is one of the essential factors to be successful, I emphasis that we should not just wait for luck, we ought to look for the opportunities by own, if not, the opportunities and success are gone as well. (423 words)



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