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Which Is More Important Talent or Hard Work

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Essay Preview: Which Is More Important Talent or Hard Work

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American healthcare system

Currently, the most active argument about the healthcare system in America concerns the hurdles to healthcare access, efficiency, value and quality. The argument is that the structure currently does not provide corresponding value for money. With reference to a 2004 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report: U.S.A , is amongst the uncommon first world countries that does not assure its citizens access to healthcare. With the exception of Turkey, Mexico and United States, the report indicates that all other developed countries had attained universal or near universal (at least 98.4% insured) coverage of their populace by 1990. The report has also heeded that:” absence of health insurance results to an estimated 18,000 avoidable deaths yearly in the united states”, similarly Harvard study that was piloted by the cofounders of physician for national health program, the only player support group, estimated that 44,800 excess deaths occurred annually due to lack of health insurance. The methodology used has been lashed by economist John C. Goodman for ignoring the causes of deaths or failure to tracking overtime insurance changes, including the time of death.

To achieve the best results, we must ask ourselves the right questions, and not grasp at short term solutions just because of their popularity to the populace. Essentially, we should ask ourselves the following questions

How can the government best invest in health? How can the burden of the disease be reduced? How the affected can kept healthier always. And how will be the burden of the aging population be addressed? Citing examples, Alzheimer and dementia are estimated to impact 16 million people at an estimated $1.1 trillion to the healthcare by 2050. Of essence is how we can reduce the cost burden that squarely rests with the infected and affected. Some of the solutions are that we must change our health-care delivery system. In addition, we must make noteworthy reforms to how we subsidize and pay for healthcare. The payment systems, including drug prescription need to be value-based, performance and proof based approaches that provide cost and patient outcomes transparency.

These structured improvements will ensure that we the government meets the cost of innovation and quality health care , on top of managing health care cost to yield the best results at very optimal cost. The Health systems, employers and insurance plans are experimenting with the new delivery and payments model. The federal government should provide a regulatory framework that eliminates the barriers to these reforms to accelerate their adoption in public funded programs.

The benefits of insurance should be there when people need it most, with full benefits that should be both accessible and affordable. Since it was created to caution against catastrophic events and unexpected expenses.

Today, responsibility distribution



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