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Young Pregnant Girl Script

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Essay Preview: Young Pregnant Girl Script

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Young Pregnant Girl Script


Pregnant Girl - Taylor

Boyfriend - Brian

Pregnant Girl's Best Friend - Michelle

Lover - Colin

Social Worker - Mrs. Carter

Family Counselor - Ms. Walker

Scene 1

[Taylor & Michelle talking casually]

Michelle: So what's going on with you Taylor, you've been acting strange all week!!

Taylor: [upset] I'm pregnant that's what's going on!!!!

Michelle: [surprised] Are you serious? I mean I know it early and all but Brian loves you to death. I don't think you have anything to worry about girl.

Taylor: That's the problem. I'm not sure the baby is Brian's

Michelle: Wait! What? What are you talking about Taylor???

Taylor: Do you remember that weekend Brian and I had that huge argument and he decided to go to his father's house when I really needed him

Michelle: [hesitantly] Yeah

Taylor: Well I kinda ran into Colin my ex boyfriend at the mall, and......

Michelle: Oh my god Taylor, please tell me your joking?????

Taylor: [crying] I know, I know alright!

Michelle: Okay, I'm sorry but this is pretty shocking. Look you can still have an abortion and act like it never happened. I'll even go to the clinic with you.

Taylor: You know I don't believe in abortions! Even if I did I can't afford it

Michelle: Then I guess you can just keep it a secret....Brian would never know.

Taylor: But I will! Oh my god what have I done? [crying]

Scene 2

[Taylor breaks news to Brian]

Taylor: Brian baby I have something I want to talk to you about

Brian: [watching TV] Sure, what's up baby?

Taylor: [scared] Brian you know I love you with all my heart?

Brian: Taylor your starting to scare me.

Taylor: I'm not sure how to say this.............I'm Pregnant!

Brian: [Big smile] Are you serious?? Baby that's great! I'm so happy!!!

Taylor: Wait there's more.

Brian: [big smile] You're having twins?

Taylor: Brian I'm not sure the baby is yours

Brian: [bewildered look] What the hell does that mean Taylor?

Taylor: [silence]

Brian: [angrily] Taylor I asked you a question!!

Taylor: Brian it was one time and it meant nothing.

Brian: [talking to himself] This is just a bad dream

Taylor: Brian, I am so sorry. I want this baby to be yours more than anything but I couldn't allow our future to be built on a lie.

Brian: Future? What future?



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