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  • Grover Cleveland

    Grover Cleveland

    Grover Cleveland (1st Term) AP US History By: Jason King;)(Moore) 1. Grover Cleveland a) Born: March 18, 1837 b) Died: June 24, 1908 2. State Born and Ran in a) State Born in: New Jersey b) State Ran In: New York 3. Background a) Education i) Fayetteville Academy ii) Clinton

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    Submitted: January 31, 2012
  • Growing up in North America

    Growing up in North America

    Arianna Chand 215558869 HIST 1080 Growing Up in North America Prof.M Ladd-Taylor E.Moretto Part I: Explain The Reading Children of the City focuses on innocent children who worked hard for their family and themselves. David Nasaw’s Children of the City talks about the memoirs and autobiographies of immigrant and native-born

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    Submitted: November 27, 2018
  • Guitar Highway Rose - Book Report

    Guitar Highway Rose - Book Report

    The book "Guitar Highway Rose" talks about teenage rebellion, their experiences, relationships and thoughts about everyday life. Asher and Rosie are both fifteen and are the central characters in this narrative. Rosie and her mother can at times not want to look at each other. Her mum thinks that she

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    Submitted: August 23, 2011
  • Gun Control

    Gun Control

    Congress continues to debate the efficacy and constitutionality of federal regulation of firearms and ammunition. Various federal laws have been enacted since 1934 to promote such regulation. Gun control advocates argue that they curb access by criminals, juveniles, and other "high-risk" individuals. They contend that only federal measures can successfully

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    Submitted: June 29, 2011
  • Hamlet Case

    Hamlet Case

    wefto the death in assortment of ways they can be in sorrow and grief, completely be silent about it, or be angry and take vengeance. The play Hamlet by William Shakespeare looks at a man named hamlet whose father was killed by his uncle, throughout the play it shows hamlet

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    Submitted: March 29, 2012
  • Harper Lee's to Kill a Mockingbird

    Harper Lee's to Kill a Mockingbird

    In Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout Finch and her family are put into conflict when Atticus, her father, chooses to defend Tom Robinson against Bob Ewell in court. This leads to the family becoming alienated by the townspeople and later attacked by Ewell himself. Two literary devices that

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    Submitted: October 28, 2012
  • Harvard Business Plan Competition

    Harvard Business Plan Competition

    Key Issue: A team of Harvard students and entrepreneurs is participating in a Harvard business plan competition. Only three weeks are left before the business plan is due. While the team is working better together than in the beginning of the project, there is no consensus between the team members

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    Submitted: June 2, 2011
  • Have You Ever Wondered How Being President of the United States Can Change You?

    Have You Ever Wondered How Being President of the United States Can Change You?

    Document Based Question 3 Have you ever wondered how being president of the United States can change you? Every single president since George Washington has gone through enormous change. All of them aged quite a bit due to all the stress. Many of them even changed their philosophy and ideals.

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    Submitted: November 26, 2012
  • Hawthorne


    I would have to say that the way to wealth was more than just visualizing and desiring the way to wealth but to engage in behaviors that lead to the way to wealth. This includes not wasting time, saving and working as the way to wealth. On the other hand

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    Submitted: September 13, 2011
  • Hcs 531 - Significant Health Care Event

    Hcs 531 - Significant Health Care Event

    Significant health care event Tammy Paramore HCS/531 September 30, 2013 Mary Helen Mays Significant health care event There have been many significant health care events throughout history. Florence Nightingale in 1854 pushed to enforce regulations among nurses, and improve patient's health through sanitation at facilities. Edward Jenner in 1798 invented

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    Submitted: October 3, 2013
  • Health Case

    Health Case

    For example Iron is a nutrient that is needed for a child's growth and development. Iron moves oxygen from lungs to rest of the body and helps muscles store and use oxygen (Mayo Foundation for Medical Research 2013). Lack of iron results in an iron deficiency causing red blood cells

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    Submitted: August 1, 2013
  • Healthy Lifestyle

    Healthy Lifestyle

    Well, now I’m going to give a talk about keeping fit. Healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more popular nowadays. There is a number of reasons for that but the most important reason is that people live under the press of different problems, such as social, ecological, economic and others.

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    Submitted: January 10, 2018
  • Heart of Darkness

    Heart of Darkness

    Into the Heart of Darkness The most corrupt villains are those who understand the evil they commit yet pay no heed. In Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, one would assume that Kurtz plays the role of this nefarious character, but those who think so disregard the idea of what being

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    Submitted: May 2, 2017
  • Heinlein


    Heinlein is one of my favourite authors, and he really puts his views into his work. For example he talks extensively in this novel that only people who have served in the army and have finished their terms are allowed to vote. Which is an interesting theory, especially when you

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    Submitted: August 6, 2011
  • Henry Ford Chapter 11 : Saving the Timber

    Henry Ford Chapter 11 : Saving the Timber

    Henry Ford Chapter 11 Saving the Timber This chapter focuses on Mr. Ford's company saving as much wood as they possibly could. His concern was that they were wasting a lot of wood when they could be using it somehow. He stated that, "We have a positive rule in every

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    Submitted: March 22, 2011
  • Henry Knox

    Henry Knox

    Henry Knox was born on July 25, 1750 in Boston Massachusetts. Henry was the seventh of ten. Six of his siblings didn’t survive to adulthood,. His father, William Knox died at the age of 50. Henry was left to help the family financially. Henry left school at an early age

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    Submitted: October 6, 2016
  • Henry Knox Case

    Henry Knox Case

    Henry Knox was born in Boston, Massachusetts on July 25, 1750. He was the seventh of ten children born to William and Mary Campbell Knox. His father William was a shipmaster, running trade routes to the West Indies. After much financial difficulty raising ten kids and with the stress that

    Essay Length: 1,708 Words / 7 Pages
    Submitted: January 5, 2014
  • High Noon

    High Noon

    In High Noon, one of the themes focused on in the movie is following your instinct no matter the repercussions. In the movie, the main character Marshall Kane gets married but as soon as he says "I do," he learns that his old arch enemy is coming into town on

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    Submitted: May 22, 2012
  • High School Versus College

    High School Versus College

    High school versus College All students want their best in their lives and for that they need academic qualifications. And at every stage of learning since from kindergarten to high school and to college level, we feel lots of differences and some similarities, such as taking tests , giving assignment

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    Submitted: June 24, 2012
  • Hiiii


    hi success and failures of pre-ww2 nationalist movements in sea political: mostly failure military/cultural/religious: success success: defending indigenous culture and traditions: they felt that the introduction of western practices and values were hindering or threatening traditional and village ways of living. thus, these groups set out to preserve such traditions

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    Submitted: July 25, 2016
  • His 110 - Roles Played in the Civil War

    His 110 - Roles Played in the Civil War

    Roles Played in the Civil War LaShonda Howard University of Phoenix HIS/110 September 21, 2015 John Hummel Roles Played in the Civil War When many think of women during the Civil War, the picture of Scarlett O’Hara at Tara is the picture many conjure up in their mind. The role

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    Submitted: July 13, 2016
  • His 115 - North American Civilization

    His 115 - North American Civilization

    North American Civilization Paper HIS 115 North American Cultures The first people to inhabit America were nomadic hunters from Siberia. The nomadic hunters from Siberia crossed over the Bering strait during the glacial period. The Bering strait froze over during the glacial period making a path of ice to cross

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    Submitted: August 14, 2012
  • His 145 - Civil Rights Movement

    His 145 - Civil Rights Movement

    Civil Rights Movement HIS/145 Civil Rights Movement Rosa May Parks, a young black lady who is said to have started it all. Some actually refer to her as the "Mother of the civil Rights Movement," without her it's wondered if the world today would be as peaceful and prejudice free

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    Submitted: August 1, 2011
  • Hispanics Case

    Hispanics Case

    * The Flag of the Hispanic People or Hispanic flag is a flag sometimes used to represent the Hispanic people or Hispanic community. * Symbolism * The Hispanic flag is a white flag with three purple crosses and a rising sun. * The three purple cross symbolize Christopher Columbus's three

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    Submitted: December 11, 2011
  • Historian Case

    Historian Case

    Between the years 1880- 1990, American politics was booming. However, because of the failing prices of wheat and cotton, demonetization of silver, railroads, monopolies and trusts farmers were using them as reasons to justify their harder and harder lives; therefore, creating numerous famers' alliance and finally the Populist Party to

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    Submitted: January 16, 2012
  • Historical Foundations

    Historical Foundations

    Historical Foundations Throughout the last several thousands of years there has been several languages that have came into play. Even before the twelfth century alone there were several languages that were used. First the languages were spoken, and then they slowly turned to being written. Originally Latin was one language

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    Submitted: September 23, 2012
  • History


    In chapter 2, the author has discussed many proposals. First, establish a new six year, one time presidential term with the option for the president to seek two additional years. Second, limit some presidential war-making powers. Third, give a president a line-item veto. Fourth, allow candidates in the United States

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    Submitted: July 17, 2011
  • History


    During the early development of slavery Portuguese sailors began to explore the West Coast of Africa. Initially, the demand for slave labor was very small. Portugal and Spain has limited interest in such trade, and the rest of European nations had no interest at all but with the exploration of

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    Submitted: August 29, 2011
  • History


    This paper will define the scientific method and how it relates to human services research. It will describe the steps in the process of scientific inquiry and define quantitative research and qualitative research. This paper will also explain how they differ and relate each to the human services field and

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    Submitted: September 6, 2011
  • History


    Living in the United States we have the right to privacy. If teenagers choose to engage in sexual activity without making the situation known to their parents that is their own personal right. Teenagers should also be allowed to obtain birth control devices without parental consent in order to practice

    Essay Length: 574 Words / 3 Pages
    Submitted: September 28, 2011
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