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'selfless Love' Motivated Suffocation of Partner

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Essay Preview: 'selfless Love' Motivated Suffocation of Partner

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'Selfless love' motivated suffocation of partner


David Scott Mathers, 66, disclosed that he had suffocated his chronically ill partner; Eva Griffith, 78, with a plastic bag after she twice tried to commit suicide by an overdose of antidepressant medication, unsuccessfully. A judge said the offender was motivated only by love and compassion, and he received a 2-years suspended sentence, and was placed on a two-year good behaviour bond.

What social values can be highlighted in this article?

Love and fairness are the two elements valued by society, which are highlighted in this article. These 2 elements refer to the love that Mathers had towards his partner, and the fairness that was applied by the law, in dealing with his actions.

How does this article assess the effectiveness of the law in achieving justice?

Justice does not only refer to equal application of the law, however also refers to fairness- The consequence for murder is generally a long prison sentence, or possibly a life sentence. However, in the article, it is revealed that the old man who suffocated his partner was not given a life sentence, but was given a 2-years suspended sentence and was put on a 2 year good behaviour bond. This was a result of applying fairness, where judges have taken in to account the situation that Mathers was in. Mathers was confronted with an 'agonising conflict'; his partner was suffering from osteoporosis, arthritis and sciatica, has attempted suicide, and told Mathers that she wanted to suicide to escape from the chronic pain. The two were devoted to one another, and also, Mather's mood disorders and prostate cancer affected his ability to make clear judgments at the time. The decisions of the judge make it clear that these elements were taken into account, and fairness was applied. Hence, the law has been significantly effective in achieving justice.

summary - Sydney Morning Herald

Evaluation - Gloria Kim (Me)



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