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3d Printer Case

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Technological advancements have allowed us to lead longer lives but as we age, our organs ultimately start to fail. With 3D printers, there may come a time where this concern will completely be addressed at the push of a button. With such advanced regenerative medicine, would the ease of replacing our damaged body parts then result in humans leading a more irresponsible life? Would we also be one step closer to defying mortality?

Just as how the Industrial Revolution changed the face of the world, through unparalleled technological and economic progress alongside pollution, income disparity and other unforeseen outcomes. 3D Printing could also shape humanity if it fulfils its full potential but at what cost? No one will know for sure.

With the likely proliferation of 3D Printers in the future, the democratization of manufacturing will certainly change how our world functions and bring about the decentralization of business. The advent of this scenario could either bring about latency in humanity or an eruption of innovation owing to the actualization of ideas on an unprecedented level. Looking back at history, the latter would most likely occur since humanity has always built on past technologies to innovate and create new ones.

Part of the excitement evoked by this technology stems from its potential to alleviate problems from pollution to income inequality and food shortage. The relative accessibility of 3D Printers owing to its self-replicative function may also result in the levelling of playing field between the rich and the poor, the developing countries and the developed ones, over time as this technology diffuses across the globe.

With the past and present in mind, humanity seems to be well-poised to develop and leverage on 3D Printers to further our cause, yet this dumbfounding technological development excites and scares me as one cannot be sure whether humanity, or technology, is ultimately in control.



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