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3d Printing

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How will 3-D Printing change the business environment?

What is 3D printing? 3D printing or known as additive manufacturing is a process of three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. It has been in existence for decades but has recently morphed from a simplistic technology to a more complex and sophisticated one. To be more precise, the 3D processes have been classified in seven different developing categories ranging from what type of materials are used, to what and how the item is assembled and executed. This technology will be the paradigm that will change the way products are created and its availability. Imagine being able to print anything from the comfort of your own home. You no longer need to wait days for it to be delivered and none the less overpriced fees. You can create anything your imagination desires from do it yourself projects to creating tools that will help predict the future and save people’s lives. This innovation will affect production, distribution and consumption of the goods and services in our economy. One industry that will have a huge impact is logistics. They will be forced to change their operations to meet the demand in the distribution of raw materials rather than goods. Businesses will be able to customize your needs faster and eliminate overhead expenses with unnecessary goods in stock. Companies that are open to the new revolution of 3-D Printing will survive with this transition while others will disappear.

3D printing will do for the manufacturing market in the 21st century what the automobile, assembly line and rubber tires did to the travel industry in the 20th century, the steam engine, cotton gin and light bulb did to the industrial industry in the 19th century. Due to the versatility of the machine, what can be created is limited by the creator’s imagination. It combines the digital and analog worlds in ways that have never been seen before. (Small business Yahoo) Visionary businesses with the out of the box mentality could really capitalize on this burgeoning industry. Fans of your designs will wait with anticipation to receive your next great design for printing. As the technology improves, businesses will be able to eliminate the middle man.

There is no denying that technology has grown and continues to grow with aggressive force. We use it in our daily lives and it has had a tremendous effect in the way we live today. Just recently 3D technology has been more publicized and with its recognition so has its use. The technology of 3D printing is more associated with and attributed to a more centered use of creations many of what are common house hold items and appliances. The prices can range from hundreds of dollars with a much less sophisticated printer to thousands of dollars for high end printers used by manufacturing industries. The fact is that in recent years the upsurge and sharing of these printers has enabled the



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