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7 Attributes of Leadership

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Essay Preview: 7 Attributes of Leadership

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This article offers 7 important attributes that are involved in leadership and being successful at being a leader.

Solidarity - working in the group, knowing how to identify the problems of the workers. This helps to gain the respect of the workers.

Modesty - act as leaders. Leaders are doing the work of the leader with ideas of the participants. Leaders gain obedience and do not enforce it.

Self-confidence - leaders set realistic goals; they stay within their reach. They know their limits and are very transparent with them.

Initiative - Leaders are stated to be proactive. They are able to see the forest in spite of the trees. They keep an ace in the hole and always have a plan; a plan which involves collaboration of the organizational group.

Creativity - Leaders look for ways to illustrate their creativity to the max. At looking at these ways they respect of the members interest and experience.

Passion - Leaders always continue to learn. Leaders exhibit a passion for their work. They are a role model for their team. Leaders are engage in excellent behavior.

Symbolism - Leaders are a symbol for their organization. Leaders represent both internally and externally for their organizations.

This article cosigned all the teachings that were explained thus far in the required class readings. It is clear that it is important for leaders to examine their approach in their roles. Leaders should understand that the phrase boss is pleural and not singular. It takes a team to make a good boss.

Leaders should achieve long term goals and not settle for the band aid approach to solving an issue or creating a process.

This article was an eye opener for me. I plan to focus more closely on these 7 attributes in my daily role as a leader. I am confident that these 7 attributes will help in supporting my future leadership successes as well as enforce the understanding of the assignment readings.



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