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A Brother - Personal Essay

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He descended from the skies and landed silently on the ground, like a cat walking on a soft carpet. His dark wings folded neatly behind him as he stood in front of a simple cottage. The soft breeze carried the aroma of the newly blossomed flowers. Winter was over the spring was here. He had finally returned home again.


The wooden door swung opened and a young girl burst out. A bright smile spread across her face as she jumped with great joy into the air. Alarmed but quick, he reflexively caught his sister in his arms, heaving a sigh of relief while his sister buried her face into his chest, giggling. “Don’t do that again, you might hurt yourself,” he said sternly. The little girl looked up at his brother with a cheeky smile. Her eyes were crimson red unlike those of her brother’s, which were of a slightly darker shade of red. “No I won’t,” she said brightly, “I have you.” The brother sighed again and pinched the bridge of his nose. His little sister never ceased to worry him.

He gently put his sister on her feet. “Let’s go in,” he said.

“No, not yet,” his sister protested.

He stopped in his steps and turned back to look at her sister, who had sucked in air and puffed up her cheeks, “Why not?”

“Someone bullied me,” his sister huffed, glancing sideways.

“Who?” The brother’s eyes darkened and his voice had a dangerous tone. Who would dare to lay a finger on his sister?

“Youuuuuu!” his sister whined as she rushed headlong towards her brother and hugged him tightly. She was only as tall as his waist. Confusion flickered across his face. “You never play with me anymore. You are always so busy. You are always working. I thought you forgot about me,” his sister sniffed.

Her brother’s face softened as he crouched down. “I will never forget you,” he said softly and ruffled her hair. His sister was calmer but still seemed unpleased as she kicked the dirt on the ground with her right foot. “How do I make it up to you?” he said, looking at his sister cautiously, worried that she might suddenly erupt with tears. His sister’s face brightened up immediately at his words. “I want a piggyback ride to the skies,” she said enthusiastically. Her brother winced slightly. The last time he gave her a piggyback ride in the air, she had been so exhilarated that she kept bouncing. He had a hard time trying to keep her from falling. Nevertheless, a brother had to do what a brother should. He let his sister climb up to his back. “Promise me that you will stay still this time,” he said. His little sister nodded obediently but he knew better. She had already started bouncing again before he even took off.

“One day I’m going to fly way higher than you!” the little sister declared when they were in midair, “and my wings will be this big.” She spread her arms wide; unafraid that she might lose her balance.

“Hey…hey,” he cautioned. This was harder than leading army troops.

After she was done with her ‘dangerous acts’, his sister slung against his back and rested her head on his broad shoulders. “I’m proud of you, brother,” she beamed. Her brother raised his eyebrows in surprised. “I told all my friends about you and how you are a mighty commander,” she smiled. She sighed and her eyes fluttered closed, “I understand why you are busy. It’s okay if you don’t play with me that often anymore. Your job is very, very important.”



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