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A Christmas Carol Book Report

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Essay Preview: A Christmas Carol Book Report

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A christmas Carol


Scrooge: Scrooge is a lonely old and cold man who is avaricious and unfriendly with anyone who tries to be in contact with him. His days consist of saving money, counting money and making money as an accountant. All he thinks about is money and that seems to be the most important thing in his life until he experiences a life-changing event. After facing three ghosts and realizing his major mistakes, he turns into a delightful man, enabling him to enjoy life by giving to others and repairing and creating friendships.

Marley: Marley was Scrooges old business partner who past away several years ago on Christmas eve. He comes back in the form of a ghost to warm Scrooge to change his way of life before he regrets it like he did because of his negligence to people and his obsession for wealth, similar to Scrooge's situation. Marley manages to change Scrooge's habits, allowing him to make a difference for someone as well as allowing him to become happy and charitable. Marley, who missed out on this, is condemned to eternally walk in chains and watch the happiness he never allowed himself to have from a distance.

Tiny Tim: Tiny Tim is Bob Cratchit's son who works as Scrooge's employee. He is a happy and friendly boy despite his sickness and his week body. Tiny Tim's honest and naïve nature touches Scrooge, who raises Bob Cratchit's salary after his visits from the three spirits to save Tiny Tim from death.


Scrooge, who despises Christmas and all the charity events that follow it, is grumpy and nasty as he always is, especially during the Christmas days. After scaring off his nephew and charity workers, Scrooge goes home and is visited by three spirits during the night, the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future.

The ghost of Christmas past reminds Scrooge of his unpleasant and frightful childhood and life as a young man such as the death of his sister who was the only kind family he had. The ghost of Christmas present visits him soon after and allows him to look into his employee's life, seeing Tiny Tim and his life threatening disease, which will aggravate if nothing is done. He also looks into his Nephew's dinner at which he enjoys himself despite his refusal of the invitation. The third sprit, the ghost of Christmas near to be, who is frightful, shows Scrooge what his and Tiny Tim's life will end up as if Scrooge doesn't change. After the three spirit's visit, Scrooge changes and becomes a cheerful and generous man. He ends up spending Christmas day with his nephew named Fred and Fred's wife and wishes a Merry Christmas to Cratchit and raises his salary so that he can lead a more luxurious life and most importantly finance Tiny Tim's medicine so that he can recover from his illness.



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