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My Book Report

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Essay Preview: My Book Report

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my name is nathan wright i like books goodbye so shut up unless u likke uk basketball today i want a book report on travel team so i can get an A so i need it please please plaease so give me the book report now before things happen thank you bery much so i like uk basketball so hi i like food so give me food now im hungry please conjusction hello my name is bruce hello bruce i want to eat a crAB At red lobster so give me food nw before i dunk on u please i will over u hahahahha funn funny im tired of typing i hope this is the last time i have to type oh man this would pleas eget me out of here so please just get out the way omg hello hi hey oh wow yeh what me to yeh that is awesome so go die pleas brofre i kill u myself so shut up please get out of here so please get out of here or pickles are really nasty i hate them bad so shut up hhahahah wow im so dumb this crazy is this 250 words yet so get ou the way or please leave me alone i want to leave this website s i can get my book report hahah wow this is crazy this better work or i will be mad so please work i really wwant this to work please please please to to to to to to be be be be and and and and an and and and and and and and and and and anda dna dane hhaahhahaah funny funny words im so bored this is so dumb i need more words so please get me out of here please oh please oh please hahahaha wow this is crazy oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh o oh oh oh oh and and so what and fo me yup joe me up fun yes it is



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