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A Diamond Personality

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* Case I

A Diamond Personality

Q1. What factors do you think attributed to Suraj bhai's success? Was he merely "in the right place at the right time'', or are there characteristics about him that contribute to his success?

Answer1. In the beginning of the story, it seems that he was not at the right place at the right time. However, when he had got into the diamond market, which was a new thing for him, he might have not looked back instead he went onto make his time a right time and place a right place. Taking the various situations into consideration, the positive approach towards the goal could have been the first and foremost property that might have attributed to Suraj bhai's success. Other than this there are various things, like, determination to reach the goal and explore the new beginnings with full of energy and 100% dedication etc. Taking the criticism to construct yourself would help you to fill the gap and be a winner. The same thing might have been taken by Suraj bhai when one of the diamond merchants demotivated Suraj bhai even before he was getting into the online venture. Once you are onto something, you will have to give your 100% to that thing, no matter what are you doing. That should be the way. Here, Suraj bhai might have explored all the possible ways to get into the online business like eCommerce, various technologies available and the reach to the customers. At the same time he might have even gone for learning about the supply chain management as well. All these things could have been the reason for his success. As an added advantage, if trusted friends or associates are there, then every process would be easy.

In short, the various factors attributed to Suraj bhai's success can be,

* Determination and dedication towards what is he doing

* Ready to learn and explore kind of attitude

* Optimistic, goal oriented and positive approach

* Ready to listen and take his own decision

* Being futuristic, ambitious and non-quenching thirst to be the winner

* Ready to take risk and learning new things

* Last but not the least, Hard work

Q2. How do you believe Suraj bhai would score on the Big Five dimensions of personality (extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability, openness to experience)? Which ones would he score high on? Which ones might he score low on?

Answer2: He is high on all matters, his self-confidence from the story depicts that.

Extroversion: I would give 5 out of 5 for this as he was ready to listen to his



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