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Essay on Personal Relations - My Neice

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Essay Preview: Essay on Personal Relations - My Neice

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My niece Kindle is a very well rounded 3 years old. She captures each and everyone's heart she comes in contact with. Kindle is very witty, funny and a very busy little bullet. She's a very bright kid for a 3 year old considering her age.

When Kindle was born 3 years ago on July 2, 2009 she immediately stole our hearts. Arriving bright eyed and full of energy really had everyone amazed. From the first time we laid eyes on her we knew she would be special. Just a week after being home Kindle began to hold her head up and was even able to turn over. Since she was so busy already someone has to keep an eye on her at all times. Everyone was amazed that she was able to do these things and not being even a month old. Within in the same week of being home Kindle was also able to scoot from the top of the bed to the very bottom, if not paying attention to her an accident would just be waiting to happen. For that reason we has to stay on ours toes from sun up to sun down taking turns staying up to help out with our newest addition to the family.

Kindle begin walking at the 9 months, which by this time wasn't a surprise considering how fast she begin learning early on. Of course by this time we had to move things out of her reach that we felt would harm her. We had to put safety locks on cabinets and safety plugs for the electrical outlets.

Kindle is very smart for her age. She knows how to pay against her mom and dad if she wants something. If her mom says no, then she's off to dad pointing her finger at what she's wanting. Since Kindle is the baby girl and the prettiest big rounds eyes one has seen, dad falls and gives her whatever she wants. How could anyone resist such a big bright eyed midget with ponytails as long as a horse's tail. When dad gives in as he always does Kindle has the brightest smile money could ever buy.

Anytime Kindle is on her way to any family member's house we have to always make something sweet. She loves chocolate chip cookies. When she indulges it's like she's in heaven. Her hands clothes and face looks as if she has been in a mud fight. It doesn't bother anyone because we know that she is enjoying every morsel. Never try to take away and say "that's enough". She will scream to the top of lungs as if she's in Opera and she's the opening act. So for that very reason we will just let her have a ball until she gets tired. Once she's done she will stand up on her short legs with hers hands out as if she is Herman the Monster for you to get her squeaky clean. Once all cleaned up she's takes off like a flash of lightning and bolts through to the other side of the house for something to get into. You must always be ready to have running shoes on when she around, because it is truly workout when she's in your company.

After Kindle has worn us out for a day then she's off to sleep. Although she's



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