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A Little More Than a Sports Bar

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A Little More Than a Sports Bar

When you first hear the word Hooters you probably think of football, beer, and wings, but with Hooters of Madeira Beach it's a different story. With its welcoming beach front dinning deck, sport event entertainment and energetic staff, Hooters of Madeira Beach has become a popular restaurant, bar, and hangout for college students across around the Tampa area.

Being famous for their wings, I decided to try something different to see if they could excel in other areas besides their specialty item. I ordered their cheesy chicken quesadillas and they were mouthwatering! They tasted great. The ingredients were so fresh and tasteful. Definitely a way better experience than Taco Bell, their quality was by far top notch. The best part was that I didn't have to wait to dig in; they were just the right temperature, not too hot and not too cold, just the way I like it! On a college kids budget it was also a great menu choice because not only was it a low price for such high quality food but the amount of food they gave you was enough for two. I ate half and took the rest back to my dorm for lunch the next day!

To go along with the great food the service was equivalent. Our waitress was friendly and knowledgeable; she answered our questions with concern and accuracy. She was knowledgeable about the food as well as the restaurant's history which made our dining experience even more interesting. We even got a personal visit from the manager himself making sure our dinner was just the way we wanted it.

My favorite part of the night was probably being able to eat my cheesy chicken quesadillas while looking out at the ocean and watching the sunset. It was beautiful and just added on to an awesome night. The beach front dinner deck's d├ęcor also fit right in with the beachy theme and really made you feel like you were out in the middle of the ocean with no worries, just fun. It was also very clean and tidy; it was gladly missing the bothersome seagulls! They even had music playing that reminds you of the good ole days when you used to go to the beach as a little kid.

This is by far the best Hooters I have ever been to. The food, the service and the staff were all on their a-game and it just made my night. I would give the restaurant 4 stars and most certainly recommend it to anyone that was looking to have a nice dinner with friends by the beach.

Hooters at Madeira Beach- a fun-filled, party style, all around awesome place to hangout out with friends. The food is delicious, the staff is friendly and the atmosphere couldn't get any better. If you're still thinking Hooters of Madeira Beach isn't for you, think again you'll never really know until you try it and I guarantee you won't regret it afterword!

Hooters of Madeira Beach

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