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About Me - Personal Essay

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I'm a single Parent, struggling through school, and needed some help with Business Law. This site seem to me to be very helpful and possibly an answer to a few questions I have regarding the primary functions served by the law for a bank that wants to expand to another state. In order from me to read an essay on the matter, I have to write a two hundred and fifty word essay. So! Here is my essay. I hope I have reached the exact amount of words one needs in order to access this site, so I may check out the rest of it. Although it seems I may be having a difficult time coming up with two hundred and fifty words. I have tried now twice to upload this paper and still have not reached the exact amount of words one needs to process the process further. So I ramble on , and on, hoping at one point I shall reach the two hundred and fifty word maximum that I need in order to process the here paper. I have now place it on word so I can see exactly how many words I have typed, and sure enough I am almost there. I now of two hundred and ten words. So I will continue typing, so that here in about thirty more words, I will be able to upload this one and then go check out the actual essay I really need to read. I now have two hundred and fifty nine words.

Thank you,




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