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Advertisements Case

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Essay Preview: Advertisements Case

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The main argument described by the writer is that advertisements are widespread and poisonous of the mental pollutants. Commercial advertising has increased without our consciousness and now we can't imagine the life without advertising. Also the writer says there is no space to run. Nobody is immune and nobody will be spared.

First of all, there is no doubt North American literally lives with commercial advertising. The writer says that an estimated 12 billion display ads, 3 million radio commercials, and more than 200,000 TV commercials are dumped into them every day. I think the most serious problem is we don't have a choice. To be specific, imagine you are on the subway and you see the advertisement which you think that is harmful or useless to you. In spite of the fact that you couldn't remove it in your brain unless you are blind or take off the subway.

Furthermore, the passage indicates that advertisements have a negative impact on people who are exposed to it. It is certainly true the advertisements have an effect on most of us. We all have watched TV programs which have interrupted by advertising. Indeed, we may not even have a consciously noticed subject of the advertisement. This is because most of the effect of it is subliminal, which can make it rather dangerous medium.

We have to look at the effect of advertising on children to see how it encourage people to buy, or at least to want to buy, things which they don't need. The young viewers rush into their parents, calling they want whatever toys which they have just watched, and the calls are repeated after every programs. The weak-willed people, just like a child, may well be encouraged by tempting advertisements to buy things which they don't need and which they often can't afford. They often put their purchases on their credit card and get further into debt.

All things considered, the advertisements are in everywhere. On the nozzle, on the subway, in the classroom, even on the toilet paper holder. It is time to put away the Oscar Meyer wiener song and hear Beethoven's Ninth symphony play in our head.



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