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Africa Case

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9. What was the impact of the slave trade on Europeans sent to Africa?

Your Answer: Europeans rapidly were dispersed throughout the African nations of the interior, frequently intermarrying with the native population.

Correct Answer: Most died of tropical diseases.


10. Which of the following was not part of the system of "triangular trade"?

Your Answer: transport of plantation products to Europe

Correct Answer: shipment of North American manufactured products to the Caribbean


11. Where did most of the centralizing states of central and western Africa form in response to the Atlantic slave trade?

Your Answer: near the Swahili trade cities

Correct Answer: in the interior, along lines of trade to the trade forts, but outside European zones of influence


12. Which of the following was not a large African state that developed during the period of the Atlantic slave trade?

Your Answer: Asante

Correct Answer: Ghana


13. Under whose rule was unity achieved among the numerous Akan clans of Asante?

Your Answer: Osei Tutu


14. In what area of Africa was a plantation economy based on slave labor established?

Your Answer: Dahomey

Correct Answer: the coastal region of East Africa


15. The Sufi mystic responsible for initiating a religious reform movement among the Hausa kingdoms in 1804 was

Your Answer: Agaja.

Correct Answer: Usuman Dan Fodio.


16. In 1818 who assumed leadership in the Zulu chiefdom of the Nguni people of southern Africa?

Your Answer: Kebale

Correct Answer: Shaka


17. The "Middle Passage" referred to

Your Answer: the voyage from Africa across the Atlantic to the Americas.


18. How were the British colonies of the southern Atlantic coast of North America different from the Latin American colonies?

Your Answer: Britain had no colonies on the southern Atlantic coast of America.

Correct Answer: The British colonies depended less on imported Africans because of the positive rate of growth among the slaves.

The most important of the Portuguese trade forts was __________ in the heart of the gold-producing region.

Your Answer: d

Correct Answer: El Mina


2. Christian missionaries achieved a major success in the Kongo where the ruler, __________, and the royal family were converted.

Your Answer: h

Correct Answer: Nzinga Mvemba


3. The foundation of the trade fort at __________ south of Kongo became the basis for the Portuguese colony of Angola.

Your Answer: h

Correct Answer: Luanda


4. The __________ was chartered to supply a source of slaves for the growing British colonies in Barbados, Jamaica, and Virginia.

Your Answer: h

Correct Answer: Royal African Company


5. The Spanish developed a complicated system in which a healthy adult male slave was called an "__________," while children and women were valued at fractions of that value.

Your Answer: h

Correct Answer: Indies piece


6. During some periods there did exist a __________ trade in which slaves were carried to the Americas, sugar and tobacco to Europe, and European products to the coast of Africa.

Your Answer: h

Correct Answer: triangular



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