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Ais Notes

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Finding 1:

The team has identified the top 5 records with review score ratings of 100 and at least 100 numbers of review as follows:

[pic 1]

With higher number of reviews, hosts have a greater risk of not sustaining a perfect review rating. Hence, the records show that the 5 hosts have a very high standard of maintaining their property with its cleanliness, communication, location, accuracy and values.

Finding 2:

The team has compared the average price of the listing with host is or is not a superhost as follow:

[pic 2]

It is seen that the superhosts charge a higher average price as compared to a host that is not a superhost. To earn a superhost status, the hosts need to have a pristine record of their past listings and have a high average ratings on their listings. Thus, it is expected that superhost are able to charge a higher price as guests will be more willing to pay for the premium to obtain the assurance of satisfaction for their stay.

Finding 3:

The team has identified 3 hosts that have more listings in Dec’18 than total listings (anomaly data).

[pic 3]

The management should look into it as the number of listings in December 2018 should not be more than the total number of listings. This suggest an internal control deficiency and management should implement a control check on it.

Finding 4:

The team has found that the same property type in certain neighborhood can differ largely. For example, in Yarra Ranges, a campsite has an average price of $1200 while a campsite in Melton and Port Phillip has an average price of $25. This shows that travelers should always compare property type in different neighborhood for the best price.  

Finding 5:

The team has compared the average review score ratings of every property type [refer to Findings 5 in Access]. There is no rating for train (property type) and minsu (property type) which suggest no reviews were done on these two-property type. Hut has the lowest average ratings of 80 and castle has the highest ratings of 99. This shows that castle has the best review ratings among all property type.



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