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Albert Enstein Case

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Essay Preview: Albert Enstein Case

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Henry Pickman 11/1/11

Mr. Amato Social Studies

Albert Einstein: Questions and Answers

Q: When did you come to America?

A: I came to America in 1933. After deciding I would stay because of the Nazi occupation in Germany.

Q: Why did you come to America?

A: Well, I was originally visiting America but I chose to stay because the Nazi's came to power and I didn't want to get involved. At that time, I was an active pacifist.

Q: Are you glad you came to America?

A: Yes, once I got here, I had to renounce my German citizenship to become a professor at Princeton University. I really enjoyed teaching!

Q: Do you have any regrets about coming to America?

A: No, I was very happy I was far away from Hitler's influence. I was very happy I was able to warn President Roosevelt of the atomic bombs the Nazis were building. I helped the U.S. make their own, but I begged Roosevelt not to use them knowing the damage they could cause.

Q: Do you ever wish to go back to you native country? Why/Why not?

A: Yes, I'd like to go back to Germany, just to visit, but I will permanently live in the U.S.

Q: Did you fit well into American society?

A: Yes, I did. Many Americans knew what I did back in Switzerland with the Swiss Patent Office. There, I published five papers on the Special Theory of Relativity and one book on the Genral Theory of Relativity. People greatly admired me for those reasons.

Q: Where did you live? Why?

A: I lived in Princeton, New Jersey. The reason I lived there is since I taught at Princeton University for a while, I thought I might as well live near the university so I would not have travel for a long time before I got there.

Einstein's Story

In 1933 Albert Einstein came to America with the hopes of escaping Hitler's evil influence over Germany, because Albert was an active pacifist, he decided to not get involved with the Nazis' rise of power in his homeland. While visiting America, Einstein was offered a job as a professor at Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey. This is where he decided to live permanently. Although Albert missed Germany, he was happy he had a job and a safe place to live away from the Nazis. Before Albert came to America, he lived in Switzerland, and worked for the Swiss Patent



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