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Animal Farm Case

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Animal Farm


There are three tools in totalitarianism that were used to control the people.The tools used were propaganda, censorship, and secret police. In the story Animal Farm Napoleon used those three tools.The first tool is propaganda , which is false information that the totalitarianism government used to control people. It is important to this type of government because It was to persuade people into believing things that wasn't true and to stay in control.

The pigs in Animal Farm had a slogan which was "four legs good two legs bad.

The country There are three tools in totalitarianism that were used to control .This was the animal farm example of propaganda that slogan was use to make the animals to believe it. In history Hitler use propaganda by blaming the economic problems on the jews and making people believe that they are bad people.

The Secret police was another one of the tools that the government used. The secret police monitored telephone calls and read mail and they put spies everywhere just to see who speaks against the government.If you do speak against the government the secret police could arrest and execute you.In Animal Farm the dogs where the secret police and they kept the animals in line.In history there was the Cheka which were secret police in the soviet union. Stalin used them to basically watch people and to make sure people will be afraid to speak against the government.

Another example in history is Hitlers secret police were the Gestapo they spied on Germans citizens who opposed the Nazi. this was so the germans would fear the Nazis .Thats why its important to this type of government they wanted to put the fear in people thats how they obtain their power and thats how in animal farm napoleon was obtaining his power.

Lastly is the tool of censorship its were they censor any information ,art , or literature . they control the media and press.



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