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Animal Farm Case

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Hunter Strangis


Honors English G

Mrs. Farley

Animal Farm

In the story Animal Farm, written by George Orwell, there are huge topics that can be discussed. One important topic is totalitarianism. This topic apears a lot throughout this book. George wrote this book and made it as an allegory for the Russian Revolution. Totalitarianism corrupts the farm and the choices that the pigs make, which leads to Napoleon being a dictator.

Totalitarianism is when there is a dictatorship. It is when a dictator is an absolute dictator and rules or government do not apply to him. This is what happened in the Animal Farm. Napoleon pushed Snowball out of power in the beginning. Napoleon ends up ruling over Animal Farm very unfairly. There is a lot of changing the rules and there is a lot of corruption. Napoleon uses totalitarianism to aid in his ruling.

Napoleon is a horrible tyrant that ruled over Animal Farm. George Orwell made Napoleon to stand for Joseph Stalin during the Soviet Union. The book Animal Farm is Indirectly based on a totalitarian government. Every character symbolizes a different part of Russia's economy or historical figures at that time. For instance, Boxer symbolizes the working class of Russia. Napoleons rule was totally hypocritical and unfair. He had major ways of kepping the animals under his control. Napoleon would have other important figures on the farm spread propoganda. Propaganda is a way of sharing information that gave advice. The way propaganda was used is that he would have the sheep shout the slogan,"Four legs good, two legs bad". Propaganda was also used in changing the commandments. He had Squeler they'll the animals that it was their memories that were wrong and they must have forgotten what the commandments were.

In Russia, Joseph Stalin had his ways to keep people under control. One thing that Stalin did was he used secret police to keep citizens under control. Napoleon had his own version of secret police. Napoleon used his dogs like this. The dogs were there to intimidate others and keep things protected and on track.



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