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Antigone Wrap-Up

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"For their grand schemes or bold words, the proud pay with great wounds." (Antigone 1532-1533 ).

The story, Antigone contains some characters that fit perfectly with the quote above. For instance, Polyneices and Creon. Polyneices was the Prince of Thebes along with his brother, Eteocles. So they had fought for the throne and died in the process. On the other and, Creon was the Queen's brother and therefore, gained the thrown soon after the death his nephews. He had taken advantage of his power as the new King of Thebes. Both men really relate to the quote above because they have acted upon their strong beliefs and had suffered due to their actions in Antigone.

In Antigone, Polyneices leaves Thebes, only to come back with a force of his own to take over Thebes. In which he strongly believes that the throne is his right to take instead of sharing with his brother, Eteocles. The two brothers challenge each other to a duel and they had decided that the winner will have the throne to Thebes. In the end both of them die. Polyneices had acted solely upon how he felt of the situation about the throne. With such emotions involving the thrown, he went against Thebes and killed his brother in the process. However, he had also died with Eteocles, which fulfills the meaning of the quote, "For their grand schemes or bold words, the proud pay with great wounds." (Antigone 1532-1533 ). On the other hand, Creon was named the new King of Thebes once his nephews were killed. He ruled Thebes with an iron fist by setting strict laws and expecting everyone to obey. Creon had rejected the burial of Polyneices. Once Antigone had heard of this, she felt that Creon was not following the divine law of the gods, which was to properly bury loved ones. She then went along and buried her brother and when Creon learned of this he sent her to die in a cave, which is ironic because initially he said that whoever buries this man will suffer through public stoning. Soon after Antigone was sent away his son, Haemon kills himself because his lover, Antigone had hung herself. Then when the situation is already bad enough, Creon's wife kills herself. Now, Creon is left to live alone. This end result is another great example of the quote, "For their grand schemes or bold words, the proud pay with great wounds." (Antigone 1532-1533 ). Creon had suffered the loss of his family because of his mentality to keep the state under his control.

In addition to the characters in Antigone, someone who also fits the quote would be Gandhi. He lived his life doing what he believed in, which was gaining the independence of India and peace between Hindus and Muslims. When his goals of gaining India's independence and peace between the two religions, Hindu and Muslim were complete, he was assassinated by a Hindu extremist. Ironically, the reason why that man killed Gandhi was not because the things



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