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Area 51 Case

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If you enter their perimeter, you'll be warned with a shot of Taser, sending 10000 volts of electricity through your body. If you still, out of a foolish curiosity, choose to go deeper inside, you'd be shot dead. And the best part is, nobody will ever know about it. After all, those who killed you technically don't exist. Am I talking about ghosts here? Worse, its called AREA 51 (Maybe 50 designated states weren't enough to satisfy U.S.' hunger for everything!).

Desert camouflaged Jeep Cherokees and Humvees maintain a perimeter around it. You take a single step and they'll know it, courtesy surveillance cameras and UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). All this just for an ordinary Air Force Station situated in the middle of the Nevada desert (USA) just doesn't seem to justify itself. It might as well have been ordinary if it was accessible to normal military Air Traffic, but its not. Like any other military base, its location should've been at least available on the map, but again, its not. In fact it's classified to such an extent that even the president of the United States doesn't have access to that level of security (or maybe he does but doesn't admit it like many other things!).

But apart from the scary stuff, what does the world know about Area 51? Yes, it is completely off limits to civilians. Yes, anyone who has ever ventured into their land with more curiosity than cautiousness has never returned. But we have 'Google Earth' right? Wrong, because all it shows is a dried lake, Groom Lake, north of a military station. But we don't even know whether it is this very military station or not! The CIA considers that no spot on the earth is as sensitive as the Groom Lake and the area surrounding it. The federal government does concede and agree to the presence of a USAF operating location near Groom Lake (well, that's a start!). So why not ask them about it. Someone tried, but what they told contradicted their earlier statements (Gotcha!).

There's been a lot of ambiguity on what goes on in there. Experts' hypotheses include the presence of an underground facility. There have been claims in the past of transcontinental railroad system (yeah, right!), and a disappearing airstrip to add up to many more. But what's interesting here is that not all of these claims have been denied by the government. Well, they agree to something at least! But what really is going on in there, wherever it is? Are they developing another means of causing super-destruction, as if all the others weren't much to content with? Or is it just a normal military base with an increased level of security to keep us wondering about what is going on in there (Because if that is the case, they're definitely good at it).

Back in 1947, an aircraft crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, USA, which was suspected to be a UFO. The authorities denied all suspicions declaring



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