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Avatar Case

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1) Values: I think the word "values" means the opinion of the person, their beliefs or their ideas. This relates in the movie because the values the Na'vi people had for their tree did not matter to the humans because they had their own purpose.

Mission: I think the word "mission" means something a person has to do because it accomplishes some sort of goal in his life or makes a difference. This relates to the story because the humans have a mission to obtain the unobtainum in Pandora.

Avatar: I think the word "avatar" means a figure that describes or represents someone. This relates to the movie because Jake Sully had his own avatar that was his icon and described him in another form other than his human form.

Humanity: The word "humanity" means representing the human race. This relates to the movie because it gives references that humanity has destroyed their planet and are now destroying Pandora.

Allegory: I think the word "allegory" means there's a hidden message in the picture, story, movie etc. This relates to the movie because it shows us that we should protect and respect nature as the Na'vi people did in the movie because nature is more than just trees beautiful mountains, it's what keeps us alive.

Common good: I think the word "Common good" means the good for all of us as in society or in nation. I think it relates to the movie because all the actions the Na'vi people took were for the common good, for example protecting their home when the military attacked.

2.) At first Jake doesn't know what's going on, until he goes to Pandora and learn what the officials are doing there. Since Jake was paralyzed and was in his wheel chair all the time he decided to link with his Avatar because he was promised to get his legs back. As soon as he got linked to the Avatar he could feel his leg, he could walk, run and be normal now. That was one of the transformations that occurred in the movie. Then later on in the movie as Jake started living the life as an Avatar, he didn't realize that he was just a clone and became was so involved with the Na'vi people and there way of style that he believed that he was one of them and forgot what the main purpose of him coming to Pandora was. The last transformation occurred when Jake wanted to join the people of Na'vi and transform into an actual Avatar and leaving his human body. Some of the turning points were when Colonel Miles Quaritch and the military were about to attack, Jake wanted to stop them and save the Na'vi people because he knew how much the nature meant to them and it would destroy their home if the military attacked the Na'vi people, that was the main turning point I think because after that Jake and his friends turned against the military and did what was right.

3) The reason why the Na'vi people were more human than the humans in the story is because they respected each other and respected what they had and respected nature and did not kill it like humans did. For



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