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Avoid Bad Food - Personal Essay

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Essay Preview: Avoid Bad Food - Personal Essay

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Avoid Bad Food


Two days ago, I read about a 17 year-old who got allergic without she knows that her body actually couldn’t take the food that she ate. I never experience something like that, but come think about it. its easy to get to know the food you may not eat so you can save yourself later. There are three ways to get to know it.

Checking the expired date of the food you want to buy or eat is very important. Some people might unaware the dangerous of the foods that already expired. You have to check the label, the package, and the expired date to find out if the food is already expired or not. If you eat an expired food, you’ll get sick, vomit, or even death because an expired food contains bactery that is harmful to the body.

Another way to get to know it is by analizing the food. Sometimes, the package, the label, and the expired date are just fine. You will have no idea that the food which servwes infront of you is harmful to you. First,you have to analyze the food. If its looks too green, blue, orange or add to you, you really need to avoid this kind of food. If it contains a flies egg or ants egg, or even a caterpillars egg. Ypu better avoid this food. It may cause a very severce allergy to your body.

The last one is by checking the ingredients. If you know that your body have allergy to some foods materials, you better be careful while checking the ingredients. Do not miss any of it. One mistake from you, the very clumsy one, its not just about the sickness but also the death.

There are just three ways to get to know the food you may not eat. It’s a very serious problem now, because the day is 21st century, and foods are very common and they are everywhere. You have to be very careful to take care of your body. Please remember these ways and share it to people you love to make sure that you love them, you want them to be healthy too.



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