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Bally Case

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I have completed my GCSEs at Aughnacloy College where I achieved a B in ICT and C's in Maths, English and Art. I then progressed onto SRC Armagh to complete a National Diploma in Music Performance. After this I wanted to take my music studies further and develop my skills in the technology field. I completed a Higher National Diploma in Music Technology at SRC Armagh.

I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience recording music and with live sound. To gain more experience outside of class time I booked the college studio for four evenings to record an EP for a local band called 'Dorothy'. Using the knowledge I had learnt in my HND I recorded, mixed and mastered a five track EP for them.

Using my own experience I organised their EP launch show in a venue in their local town in Omagh. This night was a great success and profit was made for both the band and myself. I'm currently designing their websites, setting up their iTunes and Big Cartel stores and booking them shows across Ireland for their winter tour.

The skills I gained completing these two courses opened doors for many different career choices in the music industry.

I have always wanted to study events management but never knew where I could study it in Northern Ireland. Events are one of the biggest fields in the music industry and gaining a qualification in Events Management would compliment my qualifications in music. I researched all the colleges and universities and came across the 'Foundation Degree in Events Management' course on the Belfast Met website.



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