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Batna - Goal of the Negotiation

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Essay Preview: Batna - Goal of the Negotiation

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The Bullard Houses

Preparation Report

Prince Omar Sanneh

MSU: MGT 863

Professor Jennifer Dunn

June 9, 2018.

Goal of The Negotiation

        In any negotiation the goal seek by each party is the idea of arriving at a mutually agreed upon solution. As the seller for the Bullard family, the outcome I seek wasn’t nay different from this. I want an outcome that best satisfies my clients need, thus the following goals:

  • Sell the property quickly and profitably, within one year. The new law extended the relocation period to three years and maintaining the structures for any significant time requires capital investments that my client doesn’t have.
  • To ensure the property is not torn down for other commercial and that, the property’s historical design and significance is preserved.

Issues Identification and Prioritization

  • Restoration of the houses the historical splendor the Bullard kids enjoy growing up the properties under their parents watch to preserve their fond memories
  • Houses are not to be use for any commercial purposes under any circumstances
  • Prevent any destruction of the houses and use of the property for tourist attractions
  • Because of the personal interest of some shareholders, the houses are not be sold to a buyer who will use them for purposes inconsistent with the property’s history and that of the community.



        In deciding my BATNA for the Bullard housing negotiation, the idea as a seller is to identify a proposal that match my realistic alternative if we cannot come to a deal. The first thing I did was made a list of things I would do if we could not come to an agreement. I then convert the most promising options into practical choices and selected the single best option to be BATNA. Several issues were raised by the stakeholders in additional to the need for selling the properties profitably and in a timely manner. As a representative seller, my BATNA therefore was ensure those conditions are met even if we are to sell the property at a lost. These include selling the property to a reputable buyer, ensure its noncommercial usage, allow the majority shareholder an option to buy a share and continue to the live in the property, and preserve the historical conditions of the houses. This was what I adopted as my BATNA. Heading into the negotiations therefore, my goal was to make sure I compare this BATNA to all proposals forwarded by my opponent. If the offers received are better than my BATNA, I’ll consider improving or accepting it. Alternatively, if the offer is worse than your BATNA, consider



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