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Beliefs, Values, and Human Services

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Essay Preview: Beliefs, Values, and Human Services

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Beliefs, Values, and Human Services


October 8, 2012

Faye Flanagan

Beliefs, Values, and Human Services

One of the main goals of a human service professional is to help clients discover who he or she is with the help of the client's values and beliefs. To do this correctly human service professionals must keep his or her beliefs separate from the clients and put the client's needs first. The beliefs and values behind each professional allow him or her to help the client meet his or her needs. In this paper I will give examples of my personal beliefs, values, experiences, and family background that will help me as a human service professional. I will include information about the larger societal-and-systems and how it affects my life. I will come across many types of clients I will have to work with and remember his or her beliefs, values, and goals are very important to his or her treatment. Human service professionals have strengths but also must always be willing to learn and improve his or her techniques better to help each client.

As a human service professional, I know that my values and beliefs may be challenged at times. It will be up to me to never forget my background, but to make sure I have the best interests of my client. We need to be aware of our values and how they influence responses in ways that may leave clients feeling unaccepted (Murphy & Dillon, 2011). I believe that everyone is equal to one another and deserves the same treatment as the next. No one should be singled out because of his or her race, gender, or sexual preference. Everyone has his or her own set of values and beliefs he or she may go by, and it is important not to offend him or her because of what he or she believes. Respect and trust is gained only when you prove you are trustworthy and show the same respect. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason whether it is negative or positive. We need to decide for ourselves to take what experiences we encounter and where to go from there. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength. God put us here for a reason, and it can take time before knowing what your purpose is. I believe one of my purposes in life is to help others through my experiences and the knowledge I have and will gain along my journey.

Experiences and his or her background play a huge role in who a person becomes. I personally have had to hurdle my way through many obstacles in my life. Some were easily jumped over, and others I am still in the air waiting for my feet to hit the ground. My experiences have shaped me into the woman I am now. They have made me stronger, wiser, and more observant to my surroundings. I have learned that I have strength that I never knew was in me before. Some people learn from his or her mistakes



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