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Berger Paint Ltd. - Human Resources & Administration

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Essay Preview: Berger Paint Ltd. - Human Resources & Administration

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Human Resources & Administration

Human Resources & Administration Department of Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited acts as the center of excellence to provide overall policy direction on Human Resources & Administration management issues and administrative functions related to management of employees.

Their functions comprises of Recruitment, Compensation & Benefits, Learning and Development and overall Human Capital Management. They believe, it is people, not technology who create the company. Thus Human Resources & Administration Department emphatically values to hire, engage and retain talented employees. As a department, Berger provides a role that strives to achieve a balance between the corporate goals and objectives with the satisfaction and welfare of employees. Berger serves to foster a positive working relationship for all the employees. They do safeguard the code of conduct and discipline in the organization. In addition, by ensuring people development and equity maintained motivation in employees to meet job satisfaction. We ensure a strong collective commitment to teamwork and a strong personal commitment to the Department's mission and goals.

Being one of the greatest companies in Bangladesh Berger has to recruit the best employees. It faces the basic problems like shortages of skilled workers, overseas labor pool, decreased loyalty etc. This HR Management keeps the Laws & Regulations nice 7 easy for employees.

Berger has its own ways of hiring people. It has the basic system of advertising & interviewing people. They investigate their employees & also have training systems. Various training options, on the job & off the job training programs, employee orientations are also valued there.

To improve the ability of management employees it has management development programs as well. They organize various types of seminars & training programs.

Another important thing they do is, they evaluate the performance of its employees. They have flexible time plan, part time job & other job facilities which make the job more attractive to employees.



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