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Biblical Servant Leadership

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What is Biblical Servant Leadership and how is it best seen? Leadership is the process of influence (Blanchard and Hodges, 2006, p. 5). Servant Leadership, according to the Bible is the desire to serve others first before looking at wanting to be served (Greenleaf, 1977, p. 13). Jesus said as much in Mark 10:45 concerning why the Son of Man came to earth: "He did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many" (Mk 10:45 NASB). Further defined, Jesus said in Matt 23:8-12 "that the greatest among you will be your servant". So far during this course, my eyes have been opened to true Biblical Servant Leadership and the various ways a person could be a Servant Leader. My perspective has been broadened to how we as Christians should lead by first serving others, look at Jesus as our role model and lead like Jesus.

If we want to be a leader that pleases the Lord, we must ask our self three questions: 1) Am I a leader? 2) Am I willing to follow like Jesus as my leadership role model? 3) How do I lead like Jesus? (2006, p. 4). Jesus is an exact role model of how we should lead as Christians. Leading like Jesus is a Transformational journey that has four progressive stages: Personal Leadership, One on One Leadership, Team/Family Leadership and Organizational /Community Leadership with each building into the next (2006, p. 20). There are four domains that we must align with Jesus if we want to be effective and efficient servant leaders. They are our Heart, Head, Hands and our Habits (2006, p.31). Jesus had developed five key habits that were central in his life here on earth and as an example of a servant leader. As part of leading like Jesus, we too must develop these habits as we serve others. Those five habits are Solitude, Prayer, Study and application of Scripture, Accepting and responding to God's unconditional love, and Involvement in supportive relationships (BUSI 502 Module 1, 2012, slide 10). Developing these habits will keep you on track with all the evil and distractions going on in this world especially if you desire to lead and serve people effectively with the love of Christ. I'd like to add here a Christian leader will need an active prayer life in dealing with various people and their personalities if they desire to be an efficient leader.

Robert Greenleaf defines the servant leader as "a servant first... it begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve" (Greenleaf, 1977, p. 13). There is a difference between a man-centered approach to servant leadership and a God centered one. In the man-centered one, he sees servant leadership without the ways of God involved. This type of leadership will not breed a fruitful atmosphere and will eventually create animosity among team members. The result will be diminished productivity and morale. Greenleaf's theory of Servant Leadership parallels the parable of the "Wheat and the Tares"



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