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Busi 502 - Biblical Leadership

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Essay Preview: Busi 502 - Biblical Leadership

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Biblical Leadership

Group Discussion

Lavonia Reed

BUSI 502

Dr. Deborah Johnson-Blake

Liberty University

March 20, 2013

Through the rough seasons/failures of life I have learned to trust God and not to try and take on everything on my own. Before learning this difficult lesson my life consisted of trying to be super woman. I had to complete everything in a particular way and within a certain time period. I had to realize that everything does not have to be perfect, I can say no, and to trust others to help finish the task. There was a time when I would never tell my mother, husband, and other close relatives "no." Needless to say I was very unhappy. I have learned to be patient and to guard my tongue. I used to lash out at everything and everyone whom I did not agree with which only enraged me more and ruined a lot of relationships. After much needed prayer and self-evaluation I have learned to think before I react and also to be mindful of what I say. Since this transformation I am happier and have a better relationship with my oldest daughter which I treasure more than anything. I do still speak the truth and what I think however only after a short pause and prayer if time permits before responding.

Man- centered approach to servant leadership involves a lack of personal involvement in decision making. The leader would make decisions for the company based on getting the highest revenue, the highest growth in the industry, and the most recognition at any means necessary. A God centered servant leadership would always put God first in everything they do including praying before making decisions and always treating others as he/she would like to be treated. The leader would display more of a personal involvement in the decision making to ensure that everyone and everything would be performed in the most ethical way possible.

The challenge in practicing practical servant leadership is simply "doing the right thing." It is not always easy to do what is right or even to know what the right thing is. However a God-centered servant leader would respond to this challenge through constant prayer and trusting and relying in God. The first step would be to develop a personal relationship with God through the five habits of the servant leader in the Lead Like Jesus book by Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges. Which include solitude, prayer, study and application of Scripture, accepting and responding to God's unconditional love, and involvement in supportive relationships. For some of us it is difficult to find the time for solitude and prayer. We are always busy with life and never prioritize what



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