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Biggleswade Case

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In the rural town of Biggleswade, 60km north of London, Margerie was lining up at the bank to do her husband's weekly banking. There were four people in front of her, two of who were talking furiously about the person at the front of the queue who seemed to be doing the whole family's monthly banking. This didn't bother Margerie as she had allocated her whole day to doing town chores.

"Get on the ground! Now!" came a deep voice standing behind Margerie, startling her. She dropped to the floor as quickly as she possibly could and crawled army style to the left to be out of reach of the offender. She heard his heavy steps approaching from behind her and could feel his hot breath on her shoulder as he slowly came closer. From underneath her, she gripped her money and bank details tighter and held them close to her chest as she prayed that nothing would happen to her or their life savings.

"You! Get up!" the deep voice yelled again, this time from beside her. She slowly tilted her head to the side and saw that sure enough, he was talking to her. As she began rising to her feet she survey the room looking for places to escape or hide, looking for weapons to use in her defense but there was nothing. When she stood, she saw that the man was averagely 6ft 4 with the stereotypical black balaclava covering his face. He had no weapon that she could see but he had two armed men blocking the one and only entrance and exit of the building.

"None of us have anything for you" Margerie tried to say assertively, but instead it came out in a feeble, squeaky voice.

"Drop what you're holding and put your hands in the air where I can see them" the man snapped, this time his voice sounded gravelly as if he was frustrated.

Margerie did as she was told as there was no other way she would get out of here alive. As she dropped the things she was holding the man bent down to retrieve them. While he was bent over Margerie did the first thing that came into her head, she kicked him. The man fell to the ground moaning clutching his side.

Before she knew what had happened, Margerie too was lying on the ground with a stabbing pain in her upper right thigh. She glanced up to see what had happened and she saw the three men running out the door. She turned to her left to ask what they did to her leg and she saw that she was surrounded by 20 dead bodies.



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