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Boracay Case

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When I was a child, one of my dreams is to go to Boracay. But as the time pass by, I doubt that I want to go there these days. I taught of Boracay as an awesome beach filled with many beautiful sands, a great place to experience going to the beach, and also those beautiful bikini girls walking all around the beach. The island is also a major tourist attraction from the other foreign countries, so the people in Boracay have found a way to earn income and make a living on their own. Boracay is a beautiful small island located in the Western Visayas archipelago and in the province of Aklan. Given with a beautiful beach, this is one of the reason many tourist, local or international tourist, immigrate in our country. The beach in Boracay is known for its best white sand beaches with the amenities and activities of a developed city which are loved by those people visiting the place. Some of my relatives went there and gave us some Boracay sand as a pasalubong from coming there.

After reading the case study about Boracay, I think the main key point in Boracay is that the island is merely destroyed by its beauty and all of the people living in the island. Many protected areas are being destroyed because of building many hotels in Boracay. Trees are also cut down to have a place to them to build these buildings. The one with the most impact is those endangered species animals. The forested hillside above the beach is home to several endangered species, including birds and rare fruit bats, and the beach itself is a turtle nesting site, but of course, not for much longer. The sheer scale of the resort plan means that it will effectively destroy this beautiful tropical forest and its inhabitants. My mind tickles at the kind of greedy, sick minded individuals who could take a place this beautiful and choose to cover it in concrete. If the people won't stop building stuff that is not necessary for the island, the island Boracay will be merely destroyed in about 10-20 years from now on. Also, Boracay's live coral reefs deteriorated to only about 15-20%. The condition is now only 23% live coral reefs, while about 77% were non-living. If the people going in the island to still do those things that can harm these coral reefs, what can the future generations can see, including those people who haven't been to Boracay yet, and discover the rich natural resources that we have in our country. I think people who go to Boracay lacks discipline. If the people throw all their waste in the designated garbage bag and not in the sand or in the water, the surroundings can be as good as it is and clean as it was before in the earlier years before people built and built these infrastructure destroying the beauty of Boracay. If resort owners want to keep attracting tourists, then they should pay the price of keeping the ecological balance of the island. Boracay was one of the Philippines' most precious treasures, but sadly, those individuals with



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