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Bsn 210 - Er Nursing - Reflection Paper

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Lyra Ann M. Viernes

BSN 210/Group 40B

Reflection Paper

It has always been an adventure to me to be assigned to different hospitals in far different places. I consider it as another chance to explore the field of medicine and to add this not much knowledge of mine. A chance to travel around to places I never thought I would be at and most of all, a chance to help and save lives with my little best efforts.

When I knew that have been assigned to Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital-Emergency Room 3 weeks, I was worried because we have never been assigned to the ER. The first thing I thought of was the patients that are being rushed to the ER with only a few minutes away between life and death. And of course, in ER we have to do things as fast as we could because every second we miss may take away our patient's life.

During our duty, we were taught of how to do things we have never experienced before like giving first aids and doing the Basic Life Support. Our clinical instructor is cool. He taught us things that are not explained well in our lecture and he lets us have a hands-on experience for us to learn things. The staffs and volunteers were approachable and they also share some of their knowledge to us. They let us help to their works and even assist us to procedures that we have never done before.

All in all, I learned that if you are an ER nurse or even just a nurse assigned in the ward, you should not get nervous easily and keep your focus on the treatment you are going to give to the patient. You should always have presence in mind. I gained knowledge of the things happening in the emergency room and I hope that we will be able to apply the experiences we had at Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital to our other rotation/duty. Being a nurse is challenging, being an ER nurse is even more challenging but being able to conquer my fears and worries and to learn based on experiences and mistakes are the best challenge I could ever have in my chosen profession.



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