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Professionalism Reflection Paper

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As defined by Merriam-Webster's online dictionary as "the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person", professionalism is something all teachers should uphold, uplift and possess. It is a quality and a characteristic which gains you positive acknowledgement and respect not only as a teacher, but as an individual overall. Professionalism is the base of success for not only people, but businesses, organizations, as well as schools all over the world. When it comes to professionalism, I am proud to say this is a quality I find myself exhibiting and upholding on a daily basis. In my professionalism reflection paper, I am proud to share my professionalism skills through the following topics:

1. Professional Communication

2. Professional Conduct

3. Professional Involvement

These are topics I feel I have mastered and am doing a great job of continuing to master and learn more about. I find each of them to be important not only in my life today, but to be greatly important to the life I plan to have. The life of being a first grade teacher.

Professional Communication

Professional Communication is important not only in the life of a teacher, but in every individual's life in general. How can someone take you seriously if you cannot communicate professionally? How can you gain the respect, aid, or assistance you need in life if you cannot communicate professionally? There are many burdens that can present themselves to a person who is unable to communicate professionally or effectively. When it comes to communication in the life of a teacher, you have so many communication connections. For example, you have communication from teacher to student, teacher to teacher, teacher to parent, teacher to principal, and the list goes on. Communication presents itself in many forms. The main forms you see in the education profession are written and verbal. I am glad to have experience in both areas.

In my role as a teacher at of a NAEYC accredited and 3 star accredited child care center for the past three years, I found that written communication is extremely important when communicating to the parents. I am required to provide written daily communication sheets to each and every single parent of my "older threes/younger fours" classroom. I make sure each and every one of my notes provides each parent with a thorough explanation of what we are doing as a class as well as what their child has accomplished individually on that particular day. I also make sure I list the amount of what they ate throughout the day. When writing these notes I have to make sure they are grammatically correct. I also provide the parents with enough information of their child's day as well as provide the "right" information. By ":right" information I mean information that can be written and only needs to be written. When it comes to other information, I must make sure I relay it to my parents verbally.

When it comes to verbally providing information to parents, I



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