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Video Reflection Paper - the Old Paintbrush

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Essay Preview: Video Reflection Paper - the Old Paintbrush

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Between the two videos that were showed to us, I was touched by the second one, the video

entitled "Ang Lumang Paintbrush" or "The Old Paintbrush". What struck me most about it is the value of

something or someone although thought to be old and useless yet great results can still be achieved.

Sometimes, I think of myself as a nonsense, irrelevant and unimportant person in this world. My

mind comes up with things like, "Why should I be considered important in this world when in fact many

are better than me? ", "What is my purpose in this world?", and "Why am I still alive? I know everyone

can still live their life without me." In those moments that I doubted my existence and purpose here in

the world, I always cry. It's as if no one cares for me and that no one loves me anymore and there came a

point that I wanted to give up in my battle, my life. Those thoughts were contrary to what my heart says.

Every time I thought of giving up, my heart always whispers "NO, you shouldn't give up. Many loves you,

many cares for you. God has a purpose for Your life and He's extending it because He knows that

someone needs you. And even when the world will turn its back on you, always remember that God will

always be there, He will never leave you. His love for you is unconditional." In times like this, I allow my

heart to speak and I listen to it because I know that God lives in my heart. Even though I face

difficulties and trials and even though I have imperfections, I believe that God still accepts and loves me

for who I am and I also believe everything that happens has a purpose.

I learned that my life is a journey and in the end I am to. Everything that I do, I would make it

an opportunity to share my love and concern to others. I'd open my eyes and feel Jesus in every person I




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