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Nstp Reflection Paper

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NSTP served as an eye opener to us students, as we become aware of the current situation of our country--poverty. I have learned the value of having a family who can provide their basic needs. I realized the blessings that I have right now, that I'm indeed fortunate enough to own the things that I own right now. I also felt gratitude with the kind of different families in that community because even though their condition is not that good and they encounter problems in their daily living, they are still happy and fighting in every challenges of life. I saw the simplicity of life, even having less, every family of the community does not fail to thank God that they are all healthy and still surviving their daily lives. My experience with this activity will be much cherished because this had taught me how to be contented for what I have. I think if the officials in our country will work together with compassion and honesty and will focus in improving our country not on fighting and blaming each other, Philippines will achieved a high level as compared to other countries, there will be no depressed, deprived, and underserved families or communities in our country. Also, as a citizen of Philippines, we should also be aware and cooperate in solving the problems of our country. We should work hand in hand and develop the value of camaraderie because we cannot solve these problems alone. We should also aim for a change in this country, where this change will lead to improvement and a healthy relationship of every people. If we respect each other and try to understand all the concerns of every community, then we can identify the main problem of that community and develop a plan to solve it, not focusing on a problem and trying to solve it, without knowing that what we're trying to solve is not the main problem. If change and improvement starts from ourselves, our family will also improve, next is our community, then our country, and soon, we can achieve a better world where people respect each other and serve as a steward of




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