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Capstone Case

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Essay Preview: Capstone Case

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Some advice for students starting this course would be not to be intimidated. I was a little when I first started. Not knowing how good of a writer I was, but following the instructions and reading the material provided, it was actually a very easy process. If I was just starting the course I would go into it more headstrong and confident that I could do what needed to be done and not be so intimidated. The one thing that I would have to say I would focus more on would be writing the full sentence outline. It was the one thing that I found kind of hard, partly because I was not properly prepared or ready to write it yet. I was having a hard time finding information on being anti-gun control, and doubted myself again. So I would have to focus on that a little bit more and again go into it headstrong. I do not believe there is anything that I would focus less on. Everything that you learn in this course is another part of the final project of writing your paper. If each lesson is followed you are that much closer to finishing your paper. So every lesson you learn is just as important as the next.



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