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Case Study Abc Inc

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ABC, Inc Case Study


Within the first six months on the job, new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc., Carl Robins has successfully hired 15 new trainees to work for Monica Carrolls, the Operation Supervisor. Although new on the job, Carl has shown success in recruiting in a short period of time, but unsuccessful at demonstrating effective time management and organizational skills. As a new recruiter, effective time management and organizational skills are essential to a recruiter's success rate, thus eliminating errors and procrastination in completing time sensitive tasks. Because Carl is lacking in these areas many problems arise: The trainee's application files are incomplete, the training room is booked and there are insufficient and incomplete training materials for orientation.


As a new recruiter for ABC, Inc., Carl's duties include but are not limited to coordinating all new recruits are scheduled for mandatory drug and physical fitness tests, setting up the training schedule, and facilitating orientation. Carl is responsible for making sure that the orientation materials are complete and in good condition from the previous orientation session.

Before new hires can begin their employment, they must have a completed application on file, have been cleared to begin employment by passing the drug and fitness test and have completed orientation. Without checking the scheduling log, Carl has "scheduled" orientation for June 15th with a target start date in July. On May 15th the Operations Supervisor, Monica Carrolls checks in with Carl to make sure he is ready for orientation. Carl assures Monica that he is ready for orientation and all is well. Carl discovers two weeks later that the trainee files have incomplete applications and are missing transcripts. Upon further review of the files, none of the trainees had been to the clinic for mandatory drug testing. In addition to this, Carl neglected to check the scheduling log and the training room has been reserved by the Technology Department for the entire month of June for computer training.

Key Problems

The key problems facing Carl are due to his lack of time management and organizational skills, and he showed no initiative in making sure that his predecessor left him set up to begin recruiting by checking that the company manuals were current and in good condition, referencing the scheduling log for openings and the proper procedure was taken for making sure new hires complete pre-employment testing. This is a missed opportunity for upper management as well as the company to have a training program in place for all staff at all ranks of service.

Proposed Solutions

In order to meet the deadline target date of June 15th for orientation the following steps should be taken:

1. Contact the administrator for the Technology Department and



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