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Case Study of Abc Inc.

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Essay Preview: Case Study of Abc Inc.

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Case Study Analysis Paper

"The great dividing line between success and failure is five words; " I did not have time."" (Sasson, May ) When completing a task, time management skills are vital. Meeting deadlines in business in important also. Without time management skills, communication skills, organizational skills, and the ability to take on a major responsibility, it is impossible to be successful or maintain a job for long. These skills allow an individual to accomplish the task at hand and create methods and planning to execute that task successfully. It is imperative that these skills and methods are used in many work settings and to planning anything specifically.


The campus recruiter for ABC, Inc, Carl Robins made many major mistakes in his process of his first recruiting session for Monica Carrolls' future employees. Specific components were needed for the recruiting process to be successful: applications had to be properly completed and filed, orientation had to be set up including preserving the training room, and manuals had to be provided by Robins. Policy books also needed to be handed out during orientation, physicals needed to be arranged for new employees, and mandatory drug screening needed to take place and be documented. He scheduled orientation on June 15 with hopes to have the new hires start in July. In May, Carrolls contacted Carl to make sure that the list of orientation issues would be taken care of and Carl was adamant he would have this done. After Memorial weekend passed Robins was at work making sure everything was in order for the orientation that was approaching rapidly. While doing this he noticed many components missing. Not all of the applications were completed and were not on file, there were not enough manuals and the three manuals he did have had pages missing, and no physicals or drug screening had been done by an outside facility. After becoming very frustrated over the lack of materials he needed, he took a quick walk to clear his head. Upon returning, Robins realized that he should make sure the training room is open for the month of June because that is where his training process would take place. He found that Joe, from technical services setting up computer terminals and had already reserved the room for the entire month of June. At that point it became apparent to Robins that he was in quite a bind. He put his head down and thought, "What am I going to do?" Without the important components completed and set in place, there would be no way for the new trainees to be given an orientation or be hired onto Monica's staff.

Key Problems

The key problems to this case study is the lack of preparation, the inability to take advice, procrastination, and laziness, and lack of leadership from Robins and ABC, Inc., this combination of events and personalities prevented Carl from successfully completing the task of recruiting new employees for Monica Carrolls. Mr. Robins had been working for ABC, Inc. for six months, which is a fairly short amount of time. The company set Carl up for failure by not properly evaluating him for the job and not providing him with proper training to get the task of recruiting new hires successfully. Many components went into the process, which can be too much for someone lacking time management. ABC, Inc. has to take some of the blame for Carl failing to provide the components needed because there was a vast amount of miscommunication. The case study ends with Carl wondering what to do so it is right to assume what should have come after. The fact that Carl waited until approximately 15 days before the first day of training was the biggest mistake because it would be very hard to provide the information needed in such a short amount of time. These new hires were for Monica Carrolls. She should have been more involved especially knowing this was his first recruit. In business, a rule of thumb is to never rely on someone else to do the job correctly; Monica Carroll and ABC, Inc. did just that, relied on Carl. He was obviously not equipped to handle such a task. This creates a ripple effect for ABC,



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