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Charlemagne Case

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Charlemagne became more then just a king. In the year 800 he was named Emperor over what used to be the Western Roman Empire. Charlemagne was a head taller then almost everyone, and had a drooping mustache. He had a fierce look with his piercing blue eyes, bull neck and stocky build. Even with his squeaky voice and large belly he looked like a true warrior.

The Enemies of Charlemagne

King Charlemagne started his rule in 768 and continued for 48 years. Charlemagne's rule was dominated by war as he fought the Lombards in Italy, the Saxons in the north, the Avars and Slavs to the east, along with other wars which equaled to 60 wars. When he defeated an enemy he made them swear loyalty to him as their King and forced them to accept the new Roman Church.

An Emperor Crowned

In the year 800, Charlemagne went to Italy to help Pope Leo III stop a rebellion. To stop the rebellion Leo knew he needed Charlemagne's protection and support. On Christmas Day, Charlemagne rose from kneeling at the altar, only to find Leo placing a crown on his head. The Pope declared him Emperor of what was the Western Roman Empire, even though only the Emperor in the Byzantine Empire could legally claim the title "Emperor". The title of Emperor suited Charlemagne well, and he spent some time strengthening the church and bringing learning into his Empire.

An Age of Learning

Even though Charlemagne was King, he could not read or write, so he enjoyed having scholars around. His greatest scholar was a religious English man named Alcuin. Most of Europe's libraries were destroyed from the wars, and only a few people could read the little amount of books left. Emperor Charlemagne had his scholars copy each book by hand so that he and his Empire could learn to read and write. Charlemagne kept a writing tablet under his pillow so he could try to learn, but after many failed attempts he decided he was too old to learn how to read and write. Even though he could not learn how to do these things, Charlemagne made sure all the illiterate religious leaders and teachers were educated, made sure that the religious services were preformed the same and he tried to rid the churches of corruption.

Europe After Charlemagne

Emperor Charlemagne's son, Charles the Pious, was lacking his father's shrewdness and strength, so before Charlemagne even died in 840, Charles, Lothair and Louis fought for control over the Empire. For awhile the Empire was even divided amongst the three. Eventually the kingdoms fell apart as landowners became independent, and this caused people to look up to the Lords for protection instead because the Magyars, Muslims and Vikings were battling



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