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Cheerleading Case

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Essay Preview: Cheerleading Case

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In the beginning I didn't think that I was going to like cheer because of the stereotypes people put on them. When cheer try-outs came I was really excited to see how it would be, it was nothing like the stereotypes or anything that I would have expect. After cheering for a couple of months I learned a lot of things. I really began enjoying doing it. I really liked when we went to cheer camp and was able to connect with my teammates. After camp i no longer considered them teammates,they were now sisters. I had a great experience. When I think back or watch movies about cheerleading, I have a total different view. They make us out to be mindless girls that just jump around. Obviously they don't know anything about cheerleading. I like cheerleading because it's not like most sport that people play. You have to be really committed and willing to go the extra mile to be a cheerleader. Especially if you want a winning team. I want to finish all four years of high school cheering and possibly even in college. Cheerleading is a very competitive sport, even though the people in congress say that what we do is not. i'ld like to see any of them do half of what we do. I know though that if I stick to cheering and not give up I can accomplish all the goals that I set for myself in the beginning of the year. Hey,with your help who knows how much more I will be able to do. I have done a variety of sports, and being a cheerleader has had the most impact in my life. I have made so many friends that i hope will last a life time. The girls on my team are like a second family to me. When i had made the competition team I thought,how much different is this really going to be. Boy was I wrong. Competitive cheer is a total different side of cheerleading. People may not think it is or even care about it but it really is a different side of cheering. All the girls put in so much time, dedication, commitment, heart and soul. I like doing competitive cheer because it give s us the ability to show the other schools and the crowd what we have been practicing so hard for. There might be some flaws but we know that we can fix it with just a little more practice. We are able to show them what cheerleaders that are really Happy, Peppy and Positive! Thank you for pushing me to the fullest of my ability. With your help i will be able to accomplish anything in the cheer world.



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