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Cinema Case

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Essay Preview: Cinema Case

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Sound effects

Speech Intelligibility

Diegetic: any sound that is not part of the environment in the scene violin playing

Non-Diegetic: anything that the character could hear (speech)



1. When Lola is running under the train. If the scene would be cropped, we wouldn't know if Lola is running faster or slower than the train.

When the father and the woman are speaking. Long shot of office, woman on right, father on left. If sides are cut off, we would lose them and since they are the main focus of the scene, we would lose out on important information

2. When Lola runs out of the apartment, running into the street - technique elliptical editing (when shots are being cut, like fast forwarding through cuts -> jump cut) Compressed time: showing a serious of events in photos of

3. Running under the tunnel/overpass, it looks like she is running slower

4. When flash-forward happens. When she hits the lady with the stroller and we see what's going to eventually happen to that lady in the future. Then it comes back to real time which makes in non-linear.

6. reveal space / with the train


8. While Lola is running, there is music playing in the background. This is an example of diegetic sound because it isn't part of the environment. An example of a non-diegetic sound is when Lola bumps into the lady with the carriage when turning the corner. The lady screams after her, making it a non-diegetic sound because it is something the character could hear.

10. While Lola is running, the mise-en-scene and the rhythm of the scene are changing at the same time. The clip goes back and forth from Lola running under the metro, changing from a close up shot from the front and a close up of her by the side. The camera isn't still in the shot, it is moving along with Lola's movements, as if the camera is running with her so the viewer gets a feel of the character's movements.



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