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Composition Case

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- Most young people make lifestyle decisions of right and wrong without knowing how they might affect future.

In my personal opinion I think it all depends on the type of person you are and the environment that lived in the process

of their children. also influence the lack of communication between parents and children involved young people make bad

decisions and downplay their lives. This could lead

to many problems in young people and society.


- Many of today's youth need motivation to achieve their dreams and goals. But there are still hopes of at least 100% .75% think they want a bright

future for the different situations and programs that

this country offers. such as immigrants, have to go through situasiones very hard to get to this country and as they say around

to meet the long-awaited American dream. this issue relates much with me because I am Cuban happens to come to this country is not something

I wish for anyone, and that's when I say! If after all that we Hispanics or that at any given time we can not achieve this goal in different

situasiones much as political or economic strips to ruin your life at that moment without realizing these cut short your future. there are many ways to change

your lifestyle to make good decisions, such as choice of a profession or work aims not only to an activity or career choice but a lifestyle, so the choice

should be made aware that it is part of our identity, our "self" and that through it we assume a very

importantpoint is responsibility. also music today affect much in the great majority of young people. the music is

able to influence many in the attitudes, moods, Emotions and human actions. that is where the interest is lost to school, and without

realizing it you're getting in a world that does not exist.


the young can not be giving reasons for live their dreamns and motivation for the life. for this reason

the parents of families can not lose patience whit their



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