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Computer Case

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Right now computer is so high tech and people are need to be upgraded also it's because if people wont upgrade they will lift behind by others. Their are many new technology that out on the market right now and it needs more time to use it so that you can be able to equip it. Technology was so broad and need more time to adopt those technology also the price was so costliest and need to have more money to buy those new technology but right now there are others that make second hand like cellphones and they sell it on the cheapest price. Why their are high technology are sub standard they make us people idiot because they let us buy those sub standard gadgets that will not live long by using. Why the government allow us people to use and buy those high technology but sub standard and after many days the gadget will destroy and some of them have no warranty.

I hope that the time will come the mind of those people who make us idiot in the eyes of others realize that what they are doing was wrong and they are need to be in prison because of their illegal transaction.

So many years goes bay and many new technology came out and their are still people doing wrong things but right now their are new government that helps people to make the wrong way right and they continued helping others so that the next generation of people will not encounter the problem that we encounter right now.



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