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Continuous Professional Development

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For continued development in business life, a person requires to possess the awareness of improving his or her existing business skills. The skill set required for an employee includes numerous things. A superior emphasis is laid on developing some of the important skills, which helps to develop our talents and potentials, enhance the quality of life by contributing to the realization of aspirations. Success, however it's defined, takes act, and captivating worthy and proper action, takes skills. These are the following skills that a person may develop as a part of continued professional development:

* Public speaking - ability to speak clearly, convincingly during presentations or on stage

* Writing - Learning to write, from reports, business plans and legislations

* Team work - working productively and efficiently with a team in synergy

* Teaching - being a mentor, organizing employee development events

* Networking - create new links, constructing professional dialogue

* Persuasiveness - Being an active member of an organization

* Researching - increasing research based skills, learning efficient utilization of resources, learn to use library, journals and internet effectively, attend research works

* Learning - gaining further qualification in one's subject are through accredited courses, reading books, blogs, journals

* Planning and decision making - being a critical and innovative thinker, participating in decision making

Developing business skills however requires a good amount of effort. A person needs to have a vision of career path in which he would want to develop himself in. There are short and long term goals, which could be met by a specific plan of action. It includes distribution of fixed time, performing reviews, and learning the definition of need for skills. As long as the skill is refurbished enough, a number of performance reviews are required. The progress of the goal should be cross checked against the ultimate vision of that person, so that it is crystal clear in which way the person is moving to. In every stage of life, people tend to learn newer skills as they grow, thus, this is a continuous process, which could be continued until the end of a person's professional life.

The two skills, nevertheless, I believe I would need to develop is:

* Attainment of additional qualifications in Finance and Accounting

* Developing action based research skill

Attaining additional qualifications in finance and accounting, or doing research development courses would require



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